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Our Products
We are the topmost processors of Plaster of Paris in Jammu. We facilitate our clients by offering pure and flawlessly white range of Plaster of Paris at very reasonable prices. It is made from the finest quality of gypsum available in the country. The whiteness of this Plaster of Paris (POP) stays for years together thus proving the fact that its purity is not momentary but a long lasting one. Our manufacturing process includes many strong scientific tests, which makes it free from all sort of impurities such as silica, iron etc. We are offering a variety of plasters like COMMERCIAL GRADE, POTTERY GRADE, SANITARY GRADE, AGRICULTURAL GRADE, SURGICAL GRADE.
Presently, we are among the topnotch Plaster Of Paris Manufacturers as well as Suppliers in Jammu. Apart from the above, the company also specializes in Agriculture Gypsum and Cement grade gypsum. Our products are extensively used for the purpose of building construction, paving, roofing, and decoration.
Plaster Of Paris
We are reckoned among the topmost Plaster Of Paris Manufacturers in Jammu. Our Plaster Of Paris is manufactured from finest gypsum. We keep utmost care to prevent it from all sorts of impurities like iron, hard particles, etc. Our White POP has various other features such as optimum strength, perfect consistency, high absorption, and controlled pore size distribution. In addition, our products are well packaged to avoid leakage and provided at reasonable prices.

Benefits :
  • Our plaster is made up of finest gypsum available in the country, there are no harmful impurities in our plaster like Iron, hard particles etc.
  • Our Plaster is superfine@200 Mesh.
  • Our plaster has optimized strength.
  • Perfectly consistent setting time and De-molding time.
  • High hardness and high absorption rate.
  • Controlled pore size distribution.
Problems Arising in Industry :
  • Lumps Too Fine : Plasters will create lumps during paste preparation.
  • Inconsistency : Inconsistency of plaster setting time.
  • Lower productivity and inconsistent quality of molds.
  • Fragile Molds : Low bending strength plasters will produce molds that do not resist tough handling by workers.
  • Short Mold Life : Low mechanical strength plasters yield too low mold surface hardness.
  • Cracks : Plaster that expands or shrinks too much will make cracks on surface.
  • Fast Setting Time : Too Fast Setting Time of Plaster : means not enough time to release bubbles, which results in lower strength, so risks of breakage during the handling of molds.
  • Long Drying Time : Plaster with bad porosity will bring too long drying time of molds after usage.
  • Surface Problems : Hard particles in plaster will destroy surface of your product.
  • High Iron Content : Plaster will create black spots on clay ware.
  • Set Plaster Lumps : Plaster badly protected from moisture will have lumps that will destroy surface of clay ware.
Plaster of Paris (SANITARY GRADE)
Features :
Consistent setting time.
Longer mould Life.
Iron Free : Higher iron content creates black spots on the clayware.
Superfiness @200 mesh.
Weight : 1 Kg.

Plaster of Paris (POTTERY GRADE)
Features :
Consistent setting time.
Longer mould life.
Iron Free : Higher iron content creates black spots on the clayware.
Superfiness @200 mesh.
Weight : 25 Kg.

Plaster of Paris (COMMERCIAL GRADE)
Features :
Applying directly on brick walls, an alternate to final cement.
Labour friendly due to accurate setting time.
Reduce cost of construction.
Plaster has higher hardness with negligible pores so it absorbs less paint.
Super hit plaster even without paint quotes.
Weight : 18 Kg.

Plaster of Paris (MEDICAL GRADE)
Features :
Used for making bandages.
Other surgical uses that require fast setting time.
Weight : 50 Kg.

Plaster of Paris (CHALK GRADE)
Features :
Very high whiteness in.
Appropriate rise in temperature.
Useful for Making dust less chalks.
Weight : 20 Kg.

Raw Gypsum
Raw Gypsum is an evaporating mineral most commonly found in layered sedimentary deposits in association with halite, anhydrite, sulfur, calcite and dolomite. It is majorly used as a finish for walls and ceilings. In addition, Raw Gypsum Mineral is utilized in cement industry, paint fillers, fertilizers, and soil conditioners and as a binder in fast dry tennis court clay. Gypsum is mined with the help of Advance Methodology. We are positioned among the foremost Raw Gypsum Suppliers and Gypsum Powder Manufacturers of Various Grades.

Chemical Formula :- CaSO4•2(H2O)

Uses of Gypsum :-
  • Gypsum Board, also known as drywall is mainly used as a finish for ceilings and walls.
  • It is used in Cement industry.
  • It is used in Paint fillers.
  • It is used as a soil conditioner and Fertilizer. Nova Scotia gypsum also known as plaster was the most commonly used fertilizer in the wheat fields of the United States in the late 18th and the early 19th century. Also, it is used in improving the quality of the Sodic soils.
  • Used as a powerful binder in the Fast-Dry tennis court clay.
  • Plaster of Paris (casting moulds, surgical splints, modeling).